An End-to-end Neural Natural Language Interface for Databases

  • 2018-04-02 05:36:38
  • Prasetya Utama, Nathaniel Weir, Fuat Basik, Carsten Binnig, Ugur Cetintemel, Benjamin H├Ąttasch, Amir Ilkhechi, Shekar Ramaswamy, Arif Usta
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The ability to extract insights from new data sets is critical for decisionmaking. Visual interactive tools play an important role in data explorationsince they provide non-technical users with an effective way to visuallycompose queries and comprehend the results. Natural language has recentlygained traction as an alternative query interface to databases with thepotential to enable non-expert users to formulate complex questions andinformation needs efficiently and effectively. However, understanding naturallanguage questions and translating them accurately to SQL is a challengingtask, and thus Natural Language Interfaces for Databases (NLIDBs) have not yetmade their way into practical tools and commercial products. In this paper, we present DBPal, a novel data exploration tool with a naturallanguage interface. DBPal leverages recent advances in deep models to makequery understanding more robust in the following ways: First, DBPal uses a deepmodel to translate natural language statements to SQL, making the translationprocess more robust to paraphrasing and other linguistic variations. Second, tosupport the users in phrasing questions without knowing the database schema andthe query features, DBPal provides a learned auto-completion model thatsuggests partial query extensions to users during query formulation and thushelps to write complex queries.


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