PanGu-Coder: Program Synthesis with Function-Level Language Modeling

  • 2022-07-22 19:08:16
  • Fenia Christopoulou, Gerasimos Lampouras, Milan Gritta, Guchun Zhang, Yinpeng Guo, Zhongqi Li, Qi Zhang, Meng Xiao, Bo Shen, Lin Li, Hao Yu, Li Yan, Pingyi Zhou, Xin Wang, Yuchi Ma, Ignacio Iacobacci, Yasheng Wang, Guangtai Liang, Jiansheng Wei, Xin Jiang, Qianxiang Wang, Qun Liu
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We present PanGu-Coder, a pretrained decoder-only language model adopting thePanGu-Alpha architecture for text-to-code generation, i.e. the synthesis ofprogramming language solutions given a natural language problem description. Wetrain PanGu-Coder using a two-stage strategy: the first stage employs CausalLanguage Modelling (CLM) to pre-train on raw programming language data, whilethe second stage uses a combination of Causal Language Modelling and MaskedLanguage Modelling (MLM) training objectives that focus on the downstream taskof text-to-code generation and train on loosely curated pairs of naturallanguage program definitions and code functions. Finally, we discussPanGu-Coder-FT, which is fine-tuned on a combination of competitive programmingproblems and code with continuous integration tests. We evaluate PanGu-Coderwith a focus on whether it generates functionally correct programs anddemonstrate that it achieves equivalent or better performance than similarlysized models, such as CodeX, while attending a smaller context window andtraining on less data.


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