Democratizing Ethical Assessment of Natural Language Generation Models

  • 2022-07-22 15:50:08
  • Amin Rasekh, Ian Eisenberg
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Natural language generation models are computer systems that generatecoherent language when prompted with a sequence of words as context. Despitetheir ubiquity and many beneficial applications, language generation modelsalso have the potential to inflict social harms by generating discriminatorylanguage, hateful speech, profane content, and other harmful material. Ethicalassessment of these models is therefore critical. But it is also a challengingtask, requiring an expertise in several specialized domains, such ascomputational linguistics and social justice. While significant strides havebeen made by the research community in this domain, accessibility of suchethical assessments to the wider population is limited due to the high entrybarriers. This article introduces a new tool to democratize and standardizeethical assessment of natural language generation models: Tool for EthicalAssessment of Language generation models (TEAL), a component of Credo AI Lens,an open-source assessment framework.


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