Automated Compliance Blueprint Optimization with Artificial Intelligence

  • 2022-06-22 16:59:16
  • Abdulhamid Adebayo, Daby Sow, Muhammed Fatih Bulut
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For highly regulated industries such as banking and healthcare, one of themajor hindrances to the adoption of cloud computing is compliance withregulatory standards. This is a complex problem due to many regulatory andtechnical specification (techspec) documents that the companies need to complywith. The critical problem is to establish the mapping between techspecs andregulation controls so that from day one, companies can comply with regulationswith minimal effort. We demonstrate the practicality of an approach toautomatically analyze regulatory standards using Artificial Intelligence (AI)techniques. We present early results to identify the mapping between techspecsand regulation controls, and discuss challenges that must be overcome for thissolution to be fully practical.


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