Hybrid Intelligent Testing in Simulation-Based Verification

  • 2022-06-22 17:59:13
  • Nyasha Masamba, Kerstin Eder, Tim Blackmore
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Efficient and effective testing for simulation-based hardware verification ischallenging. Using constrained random test generation, several millions oftests may be required to achieve coverage goals. The vast majority of tests donot contribute to coverage progress, yet they consume verification resources.In this paper, we propose a hybrid intelligent testing approach combining twomethods that have previously been treated separately, namely Coverage-DirectedTest Selection and Novelty-Driven Verification. Coverage-Directed TestSelection learns from coverage feedback to bias testing towards the mosteffective tests. Novelty-Driven Verification learns to identify and simulatestimuli that differ from previous stimuli, thereby reducing the number ofsimulations and increasing testing efficiency. We discuss the strengths andlimitations of each method, and we show how our approach addresses eachmethod's limitations, leading to hardware testing that is both efficient andeffective.


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