Human Heuristics for AI-Generated Language Are Flawed

  • 2022-06-15 04:18:56
  • Maurice Jakesch, Jeffrey Hancock, Mor Naaman
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Human communication is increasingly intermixed with language generated by AI.Across chat, email, and social media, AI systems produce smart replies,autocompletes, and translations. AI-generated language is often not identifiedas such but poses as human language, raising concerns about novel forms ofdeception and manipulation. Here, we study how humans discern whether one ofthe most personal and consequential forms of language - a self-presentation -was generated by AI. Across six experiments, participants (N = 4,650) tried toidentify self-presentations generated by state-of-the-art language models.Across professional, hospitality, and romantic settings, we find that humansare unable to identify AI-generated self-presentations. Combining qualitativeanalyses with language feature engineering, we find that human judgments ofAI-generated language are handicapped by intuitive but flawed heuristics suchas associating first-person pronouns, authentic words, or family topics withhumanity. We show that these heuristics make human judgment of generatedlanguage predictable and manipulable, allowing AI systems to produce languageperceived as more human than human. We conclude by discussing solutions - suchas AI accents or fair use policies - to reduce the deceptive potential ofgenerated language, limiting the subversion of human intuition.


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