All the World's a (Hyper)Graph: A Data Drama

  • 2022-06-16 15:51:28
  • Corinna Coupette, Jilles Vreeken, Bastian Rieck
  • 40


We introduce Hyperbard, a dataset of diverse relational data representationsderived from Shakespeare's plays. Our representations range from simple graphscapturing character co-occurrence in single scenes to hypergraphs encodingcomplex communication settings and character contributions as hyperedges withedge-specific node weights. By making multiple intuitive representationsreadily available for experimentation, we facilitate rigorous representationrobustness checks in graph learning, graph mining, and network analysis,highlighting the advantages and drawbacks of specific representations.Leveraging the data released in Hyperbard, we demonstrate that many solutionsto popular graph mining problems are highly dependent on the representationchoice, thus calling current graph curation practices into question. As anhomage to our data source, and asserting that science can also be art, wepresent all our points in the form of a play.


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