Vakyansh: ASR Toolkit for Low Resource Indic languages

  • 2022-06-15 18:04:54
  • Harveen Singh Chadha, Anirudh Gupta, Priyanshi Shah, Neeraj Chhimwal, Ankur Dhuriya, Rishabh Gaur, Vivek Raghavan
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We present Vakyansh, an end to end toolkit for Speech Recognition in Indiclanguages. India is home to almost 121 languages and around 125 crore speakers.Yet most of the languages are low resource in terms of data and pretrainedmodels. Through Vakyansh, we introduce automatic data pipelines for datacreation, model training, model evaluation and deployment. We create 14,000hours of speech data in 23 Indic languages and train wav2vec 2.0 basedpretrained models. These pretrained models are then finetuned to create stateof the art speech recognition models for 18 Indic languages which are followedby language models and punctuation restoration models. We open source all theseresources with a mission that this will inspire the speech community to developspeech first applications using our ASR models in Indic languages.


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