Adversarial Estimators

  • 2022-05-12 17:38:52
  • Jonas Metzger
  • 0


We develop an asymptotic theory of adversarial estimators ('A-estimators').They generalize maximum-likelihood-type estimators ('M-estimators') as theirobjective is maximized by some parameters and minimized by others. This classsubsumes the continuous-updating Generalized Method of Moments, GenerativeAdversarial Networks and more recent proposals in machine learning andeconometrics. In these examples, researchers state which aspects of the problemmay in principle be used for estimation, and an adversary learns how toemphasize them optimally. We derive the convergence rates of A-estimators underpointwise and partial identification, and the normality of functionals of theirparameters. Unknown functions may be approximated via sieves such as deepneural networks, for which we provide simplified low-level conditions. As acorollary, we obtain the normality of neural-net M-estimators, overcomingtechnical issues previously identified by the literature. Our theory yieldsnovel results about a variety of A-estimators, providing intuition and formaljustification for their success in recent applications.


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