Battery Cloud with Advanced Algorithms

  • 2022-05-12 18:23:50
  • Xiaojun Li, David Jauernig, Mengzhu Gao, Trevor Jones
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A Battery Cloud or cloud battery management system leverages the cloudcomputational power and data storage to improve battery safety, performance,and economy. This work will present the Battery Cloud that collects measuredbattery data from electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Advancedalgorithms are applied to improve battery performance. Using remote vehicledata, we train and validate an artificial neural network to estimate pack SOCduring vehicle charging. The strategy is then tested on vehicles. Furthermore,high accuracy and onboard battery state of health estimation methods forelectric vehicles are developed based on the differential voltage (DVA) andincremental capacity analysis (ICA). Using cycling data from battery cells atvarious temperatures, we extract the charging cycles and calculate the DVA andICA curves, from which multiple features are extracted, analyzed, andeventually used to estimate the state of health. For battery safety, adata-driven thermal anomaly detection method is developed. The method candetect unforeseen anomalies such as thermal runaways at the very early stage.With the further development of the internet of things, more and more batterydata will be available. Potential applications of battery cloud also includeareas such as battery manufacture, recycling, and electric vehicle batteryswap.


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