One Size Does Not Fit All: The Case for Personalised Word Complexity Models

  • 2022-05-05 11:53:31
  • Sian Gooding, Manuel Tragut
  • 25


Complex Word Identification (CWI) aims to detect words within a text that areader may find difficult to understand. It has been shown that CWI systems canimprove text simplification, readability prediction and vocabulary acquisitionmodelling. However, the difficulty of a word is a highly idiosyncratic notionthat depends on a reader's first language, proficiency and reading experience.In this paper, we show that personal models are best when predicting wordcomplexity for individual readers. We use a novel active learning frameworkthat allows models to be tailored to individuals and release a dataset ofcomplexity annotations and models as a benchmark for further research.


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