Ab initio Algorithmic Causal Deconvolution of Intertwined Programs and Networks by Generative Mechanism

  • 2018-03-12 17:39:22
  • Hector Zenil, Narsis A. Kiani, Jesper Tegnér
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To extract and learn representations leading to generative mechanisms fromdata, especially without making arbitrary decisions and biased assumptions, isa central challenge in most areas of scientific research particularly inconnection to current major limitations of influential topics and methods ofmachine and deep learning as they have often lost sight of the model component.Complex data is usually produced by interacting sources with differentmechanisms. Here we introduce a parameter-free model-based approach, based uponthe seminal concept of Algorithmic Probability, that decomposes an observationand signal into its most likely algorithmic generative mechanisms. Our methodsuse a causal calculus to infer model representations. We demonstrate the methodability to distinguish interacting mechanisms and deconvolve them, regardlessof whether the objects produce strings, space-time evolution diagrams, imagesor networks. We numerically test and evaluate our method and find that it candisentangle observations from discrete dynamic systems, random and complexnetworks. We think that these causal inference techniques can contribute as keypieces of information for estimations of probability distributionscomplementing other more statistical-oriented techniques that otherwise lackmodel inference capabilities.


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