XLTime: A Cross-Lingual Knowledge Transfer Framework for Temporal Expression Extraction

  • 2022-05-03 21:00:42
  • Yuwei Cao, William Groves, Tanay Kumar Saha, Joel R. Tetreault, Alex Jaimes, Hao Peng, Philip S. Yu
  • 2


Temporal Expression Extraction (TEE) is essential for understanding time innatural language. It has applications in Natural Language Processing (NLP)tasks such as question answering, information retrieval, and causal inference.To date, work in this area has mostly focused on English as there is a scarcityof labeled data for other languages. We propose XLTime, a novel framework formultilingual TEE. XLTime works on top of pre-trained language models andleverages multi-task learning to prompt cross-language knowledge transfer bothfrom English and within the non-English languages. XLTime alleviates problemscaused by a shortage of data in the target language. We apply XLTime withdifferent language models and show that it outperforms the previous automaticSOTA methods on French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Basque, by large margins.XLTime also closes the gap considerably on the handcrafted HeidelTime method.


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