XDBERT: Distilling Visual Information to BERT from Cross-Modal Systems to Improve Language Understanding

  • 2022-05-03 01:33:48
  • Chan-Jan Hsu, Hung-yi Lee, Yu Tsao
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Transformer-based models are widely used in natural language understanding(NLU) tasks, and multimodal transformers have been effective in visual-languagetasks. This study explores distilling visual information from pretrainedmultimodal transformers to pretrained language encoders. Our framework isinspired by cross-modal encoders' success in visual-language tasks while wealter the learning objective to cater to the language-heavy characteristics ofNLU. After training with a small number of extra adapting steps and finetuned,the proposed XDBERT (cross-modal distilled BERT) outperforms pretrained-BERT ingeneral language understanding evaluation (GLUE), situations with adversarialgenerations (SWAG) benchmarks, and readability benchmarks. We analyze theperformance of XDBERT on GLUE to show that the improvement is likely visuallygrounded.


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