Group-Agent Reinforcement Learning

  • 2022-04-30 20:20:21
  • Kaiyue Wu, Xiao-Jun Zeng
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It can largely benefit the reinforcement learning process of each agent ifmultiple agents perform their separate reinforcement learning taskscooperatively. Different from multi-agent reinforcement learning where multipleagents are in a common environment and should learn to cooperate or competewith each other, in this case each agent has its separate environment and onlycommunicate with others to share knowledge without any cooperative orcompetitive behaviour as a learning outcome. In fact, this learning scenario isnot well understood yet and not well formulated. As the first effort, wepropose group-agent reinforcement learning as a formulation of this scenarioand the third type of reinforcement learning problem with respect tosingle-agent and multi-agent reinforcement learning. We then propose the firstdistributed reinforcement learning framework called DDAL (DecentralisedDistributed Asynchronous Learning) designed for group-agent reinforcementlearning. We show through experiments that DDAL achieved desirable performancewith very stable training and has good scalability.


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