Empowering Local Communities Using Artificial Intelligence

  • 2022-01-13 18:39:17
  • Yen-Chia Hsu, Ting-Hao 'Kenneth' Huang, Himanshu Verma, Andrea Mauri, Illah Nourbakhsh, Alessandro Bozzon
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly used to analyze large amounts ofdata in various practices, such as object recognition. We are specificallyinterested in using AI-powered systems to engage local communities indeveloping plans or solutions for pressing societal and environmental concerns.Such local contexts often involve multiple stakeholders with different and evencontradictory agendas, resulting in mismatched expectations of these systems'behaviors and desired outcomes. There is a need to investigate if AI models andpipelines can work as expected in different contexts through co-creation andfield deployment. Based on case studies in co-creating AI-powered systems withlocal people, we explain challenges that require more attention and provideviable paths to bridge AI research with citizen needs. We advocate fordeveloping new collaboration approaches and mindsets that are needed toco-create AI-powered systems in multi-stakeholder contexts to address localconcerns.


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