Beyond Simple Meta-Learning: Multi-Purpose Models for Multi-Domain, Active and Continual Few-Shot Learning

  • 2022-01-13 18:59:02
  • Peyman Bateni, Jarred Barber, Raghav Goyal, Vaden Masrani, Jan-Willem van de Meent, Leonid Sigal, Frank Wood
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Modern deep learning requires large-scale extensively labelled datasets fortraining. Few-shot learning aims to alleviate this issue by learningeffectively from few labelled examples. In previously proposed few-shot visualclassifiers, it is assumed that the feature manifold, where classifierdecisions are made, has uncorrelated feature dimensions and uniform featurevariance. In this work, we focus on addressing the limitations arising fromthis assumption by proposing a variance-sensitive class of models that operatesin a low-label regime. The first method, Simple CNAPS, employs a hierarchicallyregularized Mahalanobis-distance based classifier combined with a state of theart neural adaptive feature extractor to achieve strong performance onMeta-Dataset, mini-ImageNet and tiered-ImageNet benchmarks. We further extendthis approach to a transductive learning setting, proposing Transductive CNAPS.This transductive method combines a soft k-means parameter refinement procedurewith a two-step task encoder to achieve improved test-time classificationaccuracy using unlabelled data. Transductive CNAPS achieves state of the artperformance on Meta-Dataset. Finally, we explore the use of our methods (Simpleand Transductive) for "out of the box" continual and active learning. Extensiveexperiments on large scale benchmarks illustrate robustness and versatility ofthis, relatively speaking, simple class of models. All trained modelcheckpoints and corresponding source codes have been made publicly available.


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