DPCL: a Language Template for Normative Specifications

  • 2022-01-12 13:51:11
  • Giovanni Sileno, Thomas van Binsbergen, Matteo Pascucci, Tom van Engers
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Several solutions for specifying normative artefacts (norms, contracts,policies) in a computational processable way have been presented in theliterature. Legal core ontologies have been proposed to systematize conceptsand relationships relevant to normative reasoning. However, no solution amongstthose has achieved general acceptance, and no common ground (representational,computational) has been identified enabling us to easily compare them. Yet, allthese efforts share the same motivation of representing normative directives,therefore it is plausible that there may be a representational modelencompassing all of them. This presentation will introduce DPCL, adomain-specific language (DSL) for specifying higher-level policies (includingnorms, contracts, etc.), centred on Hohfeld's framework of fundamental legalconcepts. DPCL has to be seen primarily as a "template", i.e. as aninformational model for architectural reference, rather than a fully-fledgedformal language; it aims to make explicit the general requirements that shouldbe expected in a language for norm specification. In this respect, it goesrather in the direction of legal core ontologies, but differently from those,our proposal aims to keep the character of a DSL, rather than a set of axiomsin a logical framework: it is meant to be cross-compiled to underlyinglanguages/tools adequate to the type of target application. We provide here anoverview of some of the language features.


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