Active Reinforcement Learning -- A Roadmap Towards Curious Classifier Systems for Self-Adaptation

  • 2022-01-11 13:50:26
  • Simon Reichhuber, Sven Tomforde
  • 1


Intelligent systems have the ability to improve their behaviour over timetaking observations, experiences or explicit feedback into account. Traditionalapproaches separate the learning problem and make isolated use of techniquesfrom different field of machine learning such as reinforcement learning, activelearning, anomaly detection or transfer learning, for instance. In thiscontext, the fundamental reinforcement learning approaches come with severaldrawbacks that hinder their application to real-world systems: trial-and-error,purely reactive behaviour or isolated problem handling. The idea of thisarticle is to present a concept for alleviating these drawbacks by setting up aresearch agenda towards what we call "active reinforcement learning" inintelligent systems.


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