Towards Intrinsic Interactive Reinforcement Learning

  • 2022-01-10 14:51:26
  • Benjamin Poole, Minwoo Lee
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Reinforcement learning (RL) and brain-computer interfaces (BCI) are twofields that have been growing over the past decade. Until recently, thesefields have operated independently of one another. With the rising interest inhuman-in-the-loop (HITL) applications, RL algorithms have been adapted toaccount for human guidance giving rise to the sub-field of interactivereinforcement learning (IRL). Adjacently, BCI applications have been longinterested in extracting intrinsic feedback from neural activity duringhuman-computer interactions. These two ideas have set RL and BCI on a collisioncourse for one another through the integration of BCI into the IRL frameworkwhere intrinsic feedback can be utilized to help train an agent. Thisintersection has created a new and emerging paradigm denoted as intrinsic IRL.To further help facilitate deeper ingratiation of BCI and IRL, we provide atutorial and review of intrinsic IRL so far with an emphasis on its parentfield of feedback-driven IRL along with discussions concerning validity,challenges, and open problems.


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