Sign Language Recognition System using TensorFlow Object Detection API

  • 2022-01-05 07:13:03
  • Sharvani Srivastava, Amisha Gangwar, Richa Mishra, Sudhakar Singh
  • 2


Communication is defined as the act of sharing or exchanging information,ideas or feelings. To establish communication between two people, both of themare required to have knowledge and understanding of a common language. But inthe case of deaf and dumb people, the means of communication are different.Deaf is the inability to hear and dumb is the inability to speak. Theycommunicate using sign language among themselves and with normal people butnormal people do not take seriously the importance of sign language. Noteveryone possesses the knowledge and understanding of sign language which makescommunication difficult between a normal person and a deaf and dumb person. Toovercome this barrier, one can build a model based on machine learning. A modelcan be trained to recognize different gestures of sign language and translatethem into English. This will help a lot of people in communicating andconversing with deaf and dumb people. The existing Indian Sing LanguageRecognition systems are designed using machine learning algorithms with singleand double-handed gestures but they are not real-time. In this paper, wepropose a method to create an Indian Sign Language dataset using a webcam andthen using transfer learning, train a TensorFlow model to create a real-timeSign Language Recognition system. The system achieves a good level of accuracyeven with a limited size dataset.


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