Efficient Empirical Risk Minimization with Smooth Loss Functions in Non-interactive Local Differential Privacy

  • 2018-02-12 14:52:24
  • Di Wang, Marco Gaboardi, Jinhui Xu
  • 2


In this paper, we study the Empirical Risk Minimization problem in thenon-interactive local model of differential privacy. We first show that if theERM loss function is $(\infty, T)$-smooth, then we can avoid a dependence ofthe sample complexity, to achieve error $\alpha$, on the exponential of thedimensionality $p$ with base $1/\alpha$ ({\em i.e.,} $\alpha^{-p}$), whichanswers a question in \cite{smith2017interaction}. Our approach is based onBernstein polynomial approximation. Then, we propose player-efficientalgorithms with $1$-bit communication complexity and $O(1)$ computation costfor each player. The error bound is asymptotically the same as the originalone. Also with additional assumptions we show a server efficient algorithm withpolynomial running time. At last, we propose (efficient) non-interactivelocally differential private algorithms, based on different types of polynomialapproximations, for learning the set of k-way marginal queries and the set ofsmooth queries.


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