All You Need In Sign Language Production

  • 2022-01-05 13:45:09
  • Razieh Rastgoo, Kourosh Kiani, Sergio Escalera, Vassilis Athitsos, Mohammad Sabokrou
  • 2


Sign Language is the dominant form of communication language used in the deafand hearing-impaired community. To make an easy and mutual communicationbetween the hearing-impaired and the hearing communities, building a robustsystem capable of translating the spoken language into sign language and viceversa is fundamental. To this end, sign language recognition and production aretwo necessary parts for making such a two-way system. Sign language recognitionand production need to cope with some critical challenges. In this survey, wereview recent advances in Sign Language Production (SLP) and related areasusing deep learning. To have more realistic perspectives to sign language, wepresent an introduction to the Deaf culture, Deaf centers, psychologicalperspective of sign language, the main differences between spoken language andsign language. Furthermore, we present the fundamental components of abi-directional sign language translation system, discussing the main challengesin this area. Also, the backbone architectures and methods in SLP are brieflyintroduced and the proposed taxonomy on SLP is presented. Finally, a generalframework for SLP and performance evaluation, and also a discussion on therecent developments, advantages, and limitations in SLP, commenting on possiblelines for future research are presented.


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