Analysis of Thompson Sampling for Gaussian Process Optimization in the Bandit Setting

  • 2018-02-12 17:51:02
  • Kinjal Basu, Souvik Ghosh
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We consider the global optimization of a function over a continuous domain.At every evaluation attempt, we can observe the function at a chosen point inthe domain and we reap the reward of the value observed. We assume that drawingthese observations are expensive and noisy. We frame it as a continuum-armedbandit problem with a Gaussian Process prior on the function. In this regime,most algorithms have been developed to minimize some form of regret. Contraryto this popular norm, in this paper, we study the convergence of the sequentialpoint $\boldsymbol{x}^t$ to the global optimizer $\boldsymbol{x}^*$ for theThompson Sampling approach. Under some assumptions and regularity conditions,we show an exponential rate of convergence to the true optimal.


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