Reinforcement Learning with Dual-Observation for General Video Game Playing

  • 2022-01-04 12:16:05
  • Chengpeng Hu, Ziqi Wang, Tianye Shu, Hao Tong, Julian Togelius, Xin Yao, Jialin Liu
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Reinforcement learning algorithms have performed well in playing challengingboard and video games. More and more research work focus on improving thegeneralisation ability of reinforcement learning algorithms. The General VideoGame AI Learning Competition aims at designing agents that are capable oflearning to play different game levels that were unseen during training. Thispaper summarises the five years' General Video Game AI Learning Competition.Ateach edition, three new games were designed. For each game, three test levelswere generated by perturbing or combining two training levels. Then, we presenta novel reinforcement learning framework with dual-observation for generalvideo game playing, under the assumption that it is more likely to observesimilar local information in different levels rather than global information.Therefore, instead of directly inputting a single, raw pixel-based screenshotof current game screen, our proposed framework takes the encoded, transformedglobal and local observations of the game screen as two simultaneous inputs,aiming at learning local information for playing new levels. Our proposedframework is implemented with three state-of-the-art reinforcement learningalgorithms and tested on the game set of the 2020 General Video Game AILearning Competition. Ablation studies show the outstanding performance ofusing encoded, transformed global and local observations as input. The overallbest performed agent is further used as a baseline in the 2021 competitionedition.


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