LSTM Architecture for Oil Stocks Prices Prediction

  • 2022-01-02 12:52:37
  • Javad T. Firouzjaee, Pouriya Khaliliyan
  • 12


Oil companies are among the largest companies in the world whose economicindicators in the global stock market have a great impact on the world economyand market due to their relation to gold, crude oil, and the dollar. Toquantify these relations we use the correlation feature and the relationshipsbetween stocks with the dollar, crude oil, gold, and major oil company stockindices, we create datasets and compare the results of forecasts with realdata. To predict the stocks of different companies, we use Recurrent NeuralNetworks (RNNs) and LSTM, because these stocks change in time series. We carryon empirical experiments and perform on the stock indices dataset to evaluatethe prediction performance in terms of several common error metrics such asMean Square Error (MSE), Mean Absolute Error (MAE), Root Mean Square Error(RMSE), and Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE). The received results arepromising and present a reasonably accurate prediction for the price of oilcompanies' stocks in the near future. The results show that RNNs do not havethe interpretability, and we cannot improve the model by adding any correlateddata.


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