PoTrojan: powerful neural-level trojan designs in deep learning models

  • 2018-02-08 20:44:41
  • Minhui Zou, Yang Shi, Chengliang Wang, Fangyu Li, WenZhan Song, Yu Wang
  • 36


With the popularity of deep learning (DL), artificial intelligence (AI) hasbeen applied in many areas of human life. Neural network or artificial neuralnetwork (NN), the main technique behind DL, has been extensively studied tofacilitate computer vision and natural language recognition. However, the morewe rely on information technology, the more vulnerable we are. That is,malicious NNs could bring huge threat in the so-called coming AI era. In thispaper, for the first time in the literature, we propose a novel approach todesign and insert powerful neural-level trojans or PoTrojan in pre-trained NNmodels. Most of the time, PoTrojans remain inactive, not affecting the normalfunctions of their host NN models. PoTrojans could only be triggered in veryrare conditions. Once activated, however, the PoTrojans could cause the host NNmodels to malfunction, either falsely predicting or classifying, which is asignificant threat to human society of the AI era. We would explain theprinciples of PoTrojans and the easiness of designing and inserting them inpre-trained deep learning models. PoTrojans doesn't modify the existingarchitecture or parameters of the pre-trained models, without re-training.Hence, the proposed method is very efficient.


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