Machine Learning-Based Classification Algorithms for the Prediction of Coronary Heart Diseases

  • 2021-12-02 18:52:56
  • Kelvin Kwakye, Emmanuel Dadzie
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Coronary heart disease, which is a form of cardiovascular disease (CVD), isthe leading cause of death worldwide. The odds of survival are good if it isfound or diagnosed early. The current report discusses a comparative approachto the classification of coronary heart disease datasets using machine learning(ML) algorithms. The current study created and tested severalmachine-learning-based classification models. The dataset was subjected toSmote to handle unbalanced classes and feature selection technique in order toassess the impact on two distinct performance metrics. The results show thatlogistic regression produced the highest performance score on the originaldataset compared to the other algorithms employed. In conclusion, this studysuggests that LR on a well-processed and standardized dataset can predictcoronary heart disease with greater accuracy than the other algorithms.


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