Interpreting CNNs via Decision Trees

  • 2018-02-01 01:47:15
  • Quanshi Zhang, Yu Yang, Ying Nian Wu, Song-Chun Zhu
  • 30


This paper presents a method to learn a decision tree to quantitativelyexplain the logic of each prediction of a pre-trained convolutional neuralnetworks (CNNs). Our method boosts the following two aspects of networkinterpretability. 1) In the CNN, each filter in a high conv-layer mustrepresent a specific object part, instead of describing mixed patterns withoutclear meanings. 2) People can explain each specific prediction made by the CNNat the semantic level using a decision tree, i.e., which filters (or objectparts) are used for prediction and how much they contribute in the prediction.To conduct such a quantitative explanation of a CNN, our method learns explicitrepresentations of object parts in high conv-layers of the CNN and minespotential decision modes memorized in fully-connected layers. The decision treeorganizes these potential decision modes in a coarse-to-fine manner.Experiments have demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed method.


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