Improving GAN Equilibrium by Raising Spatial Awareness

  • 2021-12-01 18:55:51
  • Jianyuan Wang, Ceyuan Yang, Yinghao Xu, Yujun Shen, Hongdong Li, Bolei Zhou
  • 33


The success of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) is largely built uponthe adversarial training between a generator (G) and a discriminator (D). Theyare expected to reach a certain equilibrium where D cannot distinguish thegenerated images from the real ones. However, in practice it is difficult toachieve such an equilibrium in GAN training, instead, D almost always surpassesG. We attribute this phenomenon to the information asymmetry between D and G.Specifically, we observe that D learns its own visual attention whendetermining whether an image is real or fake, but G has no explicit clue onwhich regions to focus on for a particular synthesis. To alleviate the issue ofD dominating the competition in GANs, we aim to raise the spatial awareness ofG. Randomly sampled multi-level heatmaps are encoded into the intermediatelayers of G as an inductive bias. Thus G can purposefully improve the synthesisof certain image regions. We further propose to align the spatial awareness ofG with the attention map induced from D. Through this way we effectively lessenthe information gap between D and G. Extensive results show that our methodpushes the two-player game in GANs closer to the equilibrium, leading to abetter synthesis performance. As a byproduct, the introduced spatial awarenessfacilitates interactive editing over the output synthesis. Demo video and moreresults are at


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