Natural Language and Spatial Rules

  • 2021-11-28 07:18:11
  • Alexandros Haridis, Stella Rossikopoulou Pappa
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We develop a system that formally represents spatial semantics conceptswithin natural language descriptions of spatial arrangements. The system buildson a model of spatial semantics representation according to which words in asentence are assigned spatial roles and the relations among these roles arerepresented with spatial relations. We combine our system with the shapegrammar formalism that uses shape rules to generate languages (sets) oftwo-dimensional shapes. Our proposed system consists of pairs of shape rulesand verbal rules where the verbal rules describe in English the action of theassociated shape rule. We present various types of natural languagedescriptions of shapes that are successfully parsed by our system and wediscuss open questions and challenges we see at the interface of language andperception.


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