ModelLight: Model-Based Meta-Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control

  • 2021-11-15 20:25:08
  • Xingshuai Huang, Di Wu, Michael Jenkin, Benoit Boulet
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Traffic signal control is of critical importance for the effective use oftransportation infrastructures. The rapid increase of vehicle traffic andchanges in traffic patterns make traffic signal control more and morechallenging. Reinforcement Learning (RL)-based algorithms have demonstratedtheir potential in dealing with traffic signal control. However, most existingsolutions require a large amount of training data, which is unacceptable formany real-world scenarios. This paper proposes a novel model-basedmeta-reinforcement learning framework (ModelLight) for traffic signal control.Within ModelLight, an ensemble of models for road intersections and theoptimization-based meta-learning method are used to improve the data efficiencyof an RL-based traffic light control method. Experiments on real-world datasetsdemonstrate that ModelLight can outperform state-of-the-art traffic lightcontrol algorithms while substantially reducing the number of requiredinteractions with the real-world environment.


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