AI in Games: Techniques, Challenges and Opportunities

  • 2021-11-15 09:35:53
  • Qiyue Yin, Jun Yang, Wancheng Ni, Bin Liang, Kaiqi Huang
  • 59


With breakthrough of AlphaGo, AI in human-computer game has become a very hottopic attracting researchers all around the world, which usually serves as aneffective standard for testing artificial intelligence. Various game AI systems(AIs) have been developed such as Libratus, OpenAI Five and AlphaStar, beatingprofessional human players. In this paper, we survey recent successful gameAIs, covering board game AIs, card game AIs, first-person shooting game AIs andreal time strategy game AIs. Through this survey, we 1) compare the maindifficulties among different kinds of games for the intelligent decision makingfield ; 2) illustrate the mainstream frameworks and techniques for developingprofessional level AIs; 3) raise the challenges or drawbacks in the current AIsfor intelligent decision making; and 4) try to propose future trends in thegames and intelligent decision making techniques. Finally, we hope this briefreview can provide an introduction for beginners, inspire insights forresearchers in the filed of AI in games.


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