IndoNLG: Benchmark and Resources for Evaluating Indonesian Natural Language Generation

  • 2021-10-09 16:58:54
  • Samuel Cahyawijaya, Genta Indra Winata, Bryan Wilie, Karissa Vincentio, Xiaohong Li, Adhiguna Kuncoro, Sebastian Ruder, Zhi Yuan Lim, Syafri Bahar, Masayu Leylia Khodra, Ayu Purwarianti, Pascale Fung
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Natural language generation (NLG) benchmarks provide an important avenue tomeasure progress and develop better NLG systems. Unfortunately, the lack ofpublicly available NLG benchmarks for low-resource languages poses achallenging barrier for building NLG systems that work well for languages withlimited amounts of data. Here we introduce IndoNLG, the first benchmark tomeasure natural language generation (NLG) progress in three low-resource -- yetwidely spoken -- languages of Indonesia: Indonesian, Javanese, and Sundanese.Altogether, these languages are spoken by more than 100 million nativespeakers, and hence constitute an important use case of NLG systems today.Concretely, IndoNLG covers six tasks: summarization, question answering,chit-chat, and three different pairs of machine translation (MT) tasks. Wecollate a clean pretraining corpus of Indonesian, Sundanese, and Javanesedatasets, Indo4B-Plus, which is used to pretrain our models: IndoBART andIndoGPT. We show that IndoBART and IndoGPT achieve competitive performance onall tasks -- despite using only one-fifth the parameters of a largermultilingual model, mBART-LARGE (Liu et al., 2020). This finding emphasizes theimportance of pretraining on closely related, local languages to achieve moreefficient learning and faster inference for very low-resource languages likeJavanese and Sundanese.


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