Interactive Hierarchical Guidance using Language

  • 2021-10-09 21:34:32
  • Bharat Prakash, Nicholas Waytowich, Tim Oates, Tinoosh Mohsenin
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Reinforcement learning has been successful in many tasks ranging from roboticcontrol, games, energy management etc. In complex real world environments withsparse rewards and long task horizons, sample efficiency is still a majorchallenge. Most complex tasks can be easily decomposed into high-level planningand low level control. Therefore, it is important to enable agents to leveragethe hierarchical structure and decompose bigger tasks into multiple smallersub-tasks. We introduce an approach where we use language to specify sub-tasksand a high-level planner issues language commands to a low level controller.The low-level controller executes the sub-tasks based on the language commands.Our experiments show that this method is able to solve complex long horizonplanning tasks with limited human supervision. Using language has added benefitof interpretability and ability for expert humans to take over the high-levelplanning task and provide language commands if necessary.


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