An Augmented Reality Platform for Introducing Reinforcement Learning to K-12 Students with Robots

  • 2021-10-10 03:51:39
  • Ziyi Zhang, Samuel Micah Akai-Nettey, Adonai Addo, Chris Rogers, Jivko Sinapov
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Interactive reinforcement learning, where humans actively assist during anagent's learning process, has the promise to alleviate the sample complexitychallenges of practical algorithms. However, the inner workings and state ofthe robot are typically hidden from the teacher when humans provide feedback.To create a common ground between the human and the learning robot, in thispaper, we propose an Augmented Reality (AR) system that reveals the hiddenstate of the learning to the human users. This paper describes our system'sdesign and implementation and concludes with a discussion on two directions forfuture work which we are pursuing: 1) use of our system in AI educationactivities at the K-12 level; and 2) development of a framework for an AR-basedhuman-in-the-loop reinforcement learning, where the human teacher can seesensory and cognitive representations of the robot overlaid in the real world.


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