Predicting Floor-Level for 911 Calls with Neural Networks and Smartphone Sensor Data

  • 2018-01-11 15:44:32
  • William Falcon, Henning Schulzrinne
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In cities with tall buildings, emergency responders need an accurate floorlevel location to find 911 callers quickly. We introduce a system to estimate avictim's floor level via their mobile device's sensor data in a two-stepprocess. First, we train a neural network to determine when a smartphone entersor exits a building via GPS signal changes. Second, we use a barometer equippedsmartphone to measure the change in barometric pressure from the entrance ofthe building to the victim's indoor location. Unlike impractical previousapproaches, our system is the first that does not require the use of beacons,prior knowledge of the building infrastructure, or knowledge of user behavior.We demonstrate real-world feasibility through 63 experiments across fivedifferent tall buildings throughout New York City where our system predictedthe correct floor level with 100% accuracy.


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