Learning Differentially Private Recurrent Language Models

  • 2018-01-11 17:47:52
  • H. Brendan McMahan, Daniel Ramage, Kunal Talwar, Li Zhang
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We demonstrate that it is possible to train large recurrent language modelswith user-level differential privacy guarantees with only a negligible cost inpredictive accuracy. Our work builds on recent advances in the training of deepnetworks on user-partitioned data and privacy accounting for stochasticgradient descent. In particular, we add user-level privacy protection to thefederated averaging algorithm, which makes "large step" updates from user-leveldata. Our work demonstrates that given a dataset with a sufficiently largenumber of users (a requirement easily met by even small internet-scaledatasets), achieving differential privacy comes at the cost of increasedcomputation, rather than in decreased utility as in most prior work. We findthat our private LSTM language models are quantitatively and qualitativelysimilar to un-noised models when trained on a large dataset.


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