TextBoxes++: A Single-Shot Oriented Scene Text Detector

  • 2018-01-09 02:40:49
  • Minghui Liao, Baoguang Shi, Xiang Bai
  • 25


Scene text detection is an important step of scene text recognition systemand also a challenging problem. Different from general object detection, themain challenges of scene text detection lie on arbitrary orientations, smallsizes, and significantly variant aspect ratios of text in natural images. Inthis paper, we present an end-to-end trainable fast scene text detector, namedTextBoxes++, which detects arbitrary-oriented scene text with both highaccuracy and efficiency in a single network forward pass. No post-processingother than an efficient non-maximum suppression is involved. We have evaluatedthe proposed TextBoxes++ on four public datasets. In all experiments,TextBoxes++ outperforms competing methods in terms of text localizationaccuracy and runtime. More specifically, TextBoxes++ achieves an f-measure of0.817 at 11.6fps for $1024 \times 1024$ ICDAR 2015 Incidental text images, andan f-measure of 0.5591 at 19.8fps for $768 \times 768$ COCO-Text images.Furthermore, combined with a text recognizer, TextBoxes++ significantlyoutperforms the state-of-the-art approaches for word spotting and end-to-endtext recognition tasks on popular benchmarks.


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