NaRLE: Natural Language Models using Reinforcement Learning with Emotion Feedback

  • 2021-10-05 16:24:19
  • Ruijie Zhou, Soham Deshmukh, Jeremiah Greer, Charles Lee
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Current research in dialogue systems is focused on conversational assistantsworking on short conversations in either task-oriented or open domain settings.In this paper, we focus on improving task-based conversational assistantsonline, primarily those working on document-type conversations (e.g., emails)whose contents may or may not be completely related to the assistant's task. Wepropose "NARLE" a deep reinforcement learning (RL) framework for improving thenatural language understanding (NLU) component of dialogue systems onlinewithout the need to collect human labels for customer data. The proposedsolution associates user emotion with the assistant's action and uses that toimprove NLU models using policy gradients. For two intent classificationproblems, we empirically show that using reinforcement learning to fine tunethe pre-trained supervised learning models improves performance up to 43%.Furthermore, we demonstrate the robustness of the method to partial and noisyimplicit feedback.


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