Investigating Robustness of Dialog Models to Popular Figurative Language Constructs

  • 2021-10-01 23:55:16
  • Harsh Jhamtani, Varun Gangal, Eduard Hovy, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick
  • 5


Humans often employ figurative language use in communication, includingduring interactions with dialog systems. Thus, it is important for real-worlddialog systems to be able to handle popular figurative language constructs likemetaphor and simile. In this work, we analyze the performance of existingdialog models in situations where the input dialog context exhibits use offigurative language. We observe large gaps in handling of figurative languagewhen evaluating the models on two open domain dialog datasets. When faced withdialog contexts consisting of figurative language, some models show very largedrops in performance compared to contexts without figurative language. Weencourage future research in dialog modeling to separately analyze and reportresults on figurative language in order to better test model capabilitiesrelevant to real-world use. Finally, we propose lightweight solutions to helpexisting models become more robust to figurative language by simply using anexternal resource to translate figurative language to literal (non-figurative)forms while preserving the meaning to the best extent possible.


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