Adversarial Examples: Attacks and Defenses for Deep Learning

  • 2018-01-05 15:51:54
  • Xiaoyong Yuan, Pan He, Qile Zhu, Rajendra Rana Bhat, Xiaolin Li
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With rapid progress and great successes in a wide spectrum of applications,deep learning is being applied in many safety-critical environments. However,deep neural networks have been recently found vulnerable to well-designed inputsamples, called \textit{adversarial examples}. Adversarial examples areimperceptible to human but can easily fool deep neural networks in thetesting/deploying stage. The vulnerability to adversarial examples becomes oneof the major risks for applying deep neural networks in safety-criticalscenarios. Therefore, the attacks and defenses on adversarial examples drawgreat attention. In this paper, we review recent findings on adversarial examples against deepneural networks, summarize the methods for generating adversarial examples, andpropose a taxonomy of these methods. Under the taxonomy, applications andcountermeasures for adversarial examples are investigated. We further elaborateon adversarial examples and explore the challenges and the potential solutions.


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