safe-control-gym: a Unified Benchmark Suite for Safe Learning-based Control and Reinforcement Learning

  • 2021-09-13 21:09:28
  • Zhaocong Yuan, Adam W. Hall, Siqi Zhou, Lukas Brunke, Melissa Greeff, Jacopo Panerati, Angela P. Schoellig
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In recent years, reinforcement learning and learning-based control -- as wellas the study of their safety, crucial for deployment in real-world robots --have gained significant traction. However, to adequately gauge the progress andapplicability of new results, we need the tools to equitably compare theapproaches proposed by the controls and reinforcement learning communities.Here, we propose a new open-source benchmark suite, called safe-control-gym.Our starting point is OpenAI's Gym API, which is one of the de facto standardin reinforcement learning research. Yet, we highlight the reasons for itslimited appeal to control theory researchers -- and safe control, inparticular. E.g., the lack of analytical models and constraint specifications.Thus, we propose to extend this API with (i) the ability to specify (and query)symbolic models and constraints and (ii) introduce simulated disturbances inthe control inputs, measurements, and inertial properties. We provideimplementations for three dynamic systems -- the cart-pole, 1D, and 2Dquadrotor -- and two control tasks -- stabilization and trajectory tracking. Todemonstrate our proposal -- and in an attempt to bring research communitiescloser together -- we show how to use safe-control-gym to quantitativelycompare the control performance, data efficiency, and safety of multipleapproaches from the areas of traditional control, learning-based control, andreinforcement learning.


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