Automatic hippocampal surface generation via 3D U-net and active shape modeling with hybrid particle swarm optimization

  • 2021-09-14 16:55:55
  • Pinyuan Zhong, Yue Zhang, Xiaoying Tang
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In this paper, we proposed and validated a fully automatic pipeline forhippocampal surface generation via 3D U-net coupled with active shape modeling(ASM). Principally, the proposed pipeline consisted of three steps. In thebeginning, for each magnetic resonance image, a 3D U-net was employed to obtainthe automatic hippocampus segmentation at each hemisphere. Secondly, ASM wasperformed on a group of pre-obtained template surfaces to generate mean shapeand shape variation parameters through principal component analysis.Ultimately, hybrid particle swarm optimization was utilized to search for theoptimal shape variation parameters that best match the segmentation. Thehippocampal surface was then generated from the mean shape and the shapevariation parameters. The proposed pipeline was observed to provide hippocampalsurfaces at both hemispheres with high accuracy, correct anatomical topology,and sufficient smoothness.


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