Denoising Adversarial Autoencoders: Classifying Skin Lesions Using Limited Labelled Training Data

  • 2018-01-02 15:56:53
  • Antonia Creswell, Alison Pouplin, Anil A Bharath
  • 45


We propose a novel deep learning model for classifying medical images in thesetting where there is a large amount of unlabelled medical data available, butlabelled data is in limited supply. We consider the specific case ofclassifying skin lesions as either malignant or benign. In this setting, theproposed approach -- the semi-supervised, denoising adversarial autoencoder --is able to utilise vast amounts of unlabelled data to learn a representationfor skin lesions, and small amounts of labelled data to assign class labelsbased on the learned representation. We analyse the contributions of both theadversarial and denoising components of the model and find that the combinationyields superior classification performance in the setting of limited labelledtraining data.


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