Line as a Visual Sentence: Context-aware Line Descriptor for Visual Localization

  • 2021-09-10 09:35:44
  • Sungho Yoon, Ayoung Kim
  • 47


Along with feature points for image matching, line features provideadditional constraints to solve visual geometric problems in robotics andcomputer vision (CV). Although recent convolutional neural network (CNN)-basedline descriptors are promising for viewpoint changes or dynamic environments,we claim that the CNN architecture has innate disadvantages to abstractvariable line length into the fixed-dimensional descriptor. In this paper, weeffectively introduce Line-Transformers dealing with variable lines. Inspiredby natural language processing (NLP) tasks where sentences can be understoodand abstracted well in neural nets, we view a line segment as a sentence thatcontains points (words). By attending to well-describable points on alinedynamically, our descriptor performs excellently on variable line length. Wealso propose line signature networks sharing the line's geometric attributes toneighborhoods. Performing as group descriptors, the networks enhance linedescriptors by understanding lines' relative geometries. Finally, we presentthe proposed line descriptor and matching in a Point and Line Localization(PL-Loc). We show that the visual localization with feature points can beimproved using our line features. We validate the proposed method forhomography estimation and visual localization.


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