Relating Graph Neural Networks to Structural Causal Models

  • 2021-09-09 11:16:31
  • Matej Zečević, Devendra Singh Dhami, Petar Veličković, Kristian Kersting
  • 58


Causality can be described in terms of a structural causal model (SCM) thatcarries information on the variables of interest and their mechanisticrelations. For most processes of interest the underlying SCM will only bepartially observable, thus causal inference tries to leverage any exposedinformation. Graph neural networks (GNN) as universal approximators onstructured input pose a viable candidate for causal learning, suggesting atighter integration with SCM. To this effect we present a theoretical analysisfrom first principles that establishes a novel connection between GNN and SCMwhile providing an extended view on general neural-causal models. We thenestablish a new model class for GNN-based causal inference that is necessaryand sufficient for causal effect identification. Our empirical illustration onsimulations and standard benchmarks validate our theoretical proofs.


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