CodeNeRF: Disentangled Neural Radiance Fields for Object Categories

  • 2021-09-03 23:02:45
  • Wonbong Jang, Lourdes Agapito
  • 38


CodeNeRF is an implicit 3D neural representation that learns the variation ofobject shapes and textures across a category and can be trained, from a set ofposed images, to synthesize novel views of unseen objects. Unlike the originalNeRF, which is scene specific, CodeNeRF learns to disentangle shape and textureby learning separate embeddings. At test time, given a single unposed image ofan unseen object, CodeNeRF jointly estimates camera viewpoint, and shape andappearance codes via optimization. Unseen objects can be reconstructed from asingle image, and then rendered from new viewpoints or their shape and textureedited by varying the latent codes. We conduct experiments on the SRNbenchmark, which show that CodeNeRF generalises well to unseen objects andachieves on-par performance with methods that require known camera pose at testtime. Our results on real-world images demonstrate that CodeNeRF can bridge thesim-to-real gap. Project page: \url{}


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