Hindsight Reward Tweaking via Conditional Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • 2021-09-06 10:06:48
  • Ning Wei, Jiahua Liang, Di Xie, Shiliang Pu
  • 0


Designing optimal reward functions has been desired but extremely difficultin reinforcement learning (RL). When it comes to modern complex tasks,sophisticated reward functions are widely used to simplify policy learning yeteven a tiny adjustment on them is expensive to evaluate due to the drasticallyincreasing cost of training. To this end, we propose a hindsight rewardtweaking approach by designing a novel paradigm for deep reinforcement learningto model the influences of reward functions within a near-optimal space. Wesimply extend the input observation with a condition vector linearly correlatedwith the effective environment reward parameters and train the model in aconventional manner except for randomizing reward configurations, obtaining ahyper-policy whose characteristics are sensitively regulated over the conditionspace. We demonstrate the feasibility of this approach and study one of itspotential application in policy performance boosting with multiple MuJoCotasks.


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