Guiding Global Placement With Reinforcement Learning

  • 2021-09-06 17:54:45
  • Robert Kirby, Kolby Nottingham, Rajarshi Roy, Saad Godil, Bryan Catanzaro
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Recent advances in GPU accelerated global and detail placement have reducedthe time to solution by an order of magnitude. This advancement allows us toleverage data driven optimization (such as Reinforcement Learning) in an effortto improve the final quality of placement results. In this work we augmentstate-of-the-art, force-based global placement solvers with a reinforcementlearning agent trained to improve the final detail placed Half Perimeter WireLength (HPWL). We propose novel control schemes with either global or localized control ofthe placement process. We then train reinforcement learning agents to use thesecontrols to guide placement to improved solutions. In both cases, the augmentedoptimizer finds improved placement solutions. Our trained agents achieve an average 1% improvement in final detail placeHPWL across a range of academic benchmarks and more than 1% in global placeHPWL on real industry designs.


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